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Sarantis Group introduces Luskja

24 FEBRUARY 2020

Luksja is one of the most recognized and established personal wash brands with over 30 years of tradition on Polish market. Established in 1989, Luksja became one of the most trusted brands for generations of Poles. Its portfolio includes well-known and recognizable products in the shower gel, bath foams, hand washes, and bar soaps categories. All products are characterized by unique fragrances - created by top-class specialists from the perfumery house as well as high-quality ingredients and carefully developed, caring formulations. No wonder that Luksja became the #1 brand in the quantitative sales of body wash cosmetics in Poland. The quality of Luksja products has also been repeatedly confirmed  by numerous prestigious awards – both from the Polish commerce and the consumer themselves.

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World Environment Day: Sarantis Group and its contribution to a sustainable future

World Environment Day is a day of celebration dedicated to the environment’s protection, encouraging efforts that will lead to a green future. Τhis day, set by the United Nations, is celebrated annually on June 5th and encourages awareness and action towards environmental sensitive issues at national, corporate and personal level.
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