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Sarantis Group announces the acquisition of Luksja in Poland.

13 AUGUST 2019

Sarantis Group completed the acquisition of LUKSJA, a Polish cosmetics brand specializing in the personal care products category. More specifically, Sarantis Group signed an agreement for the acquisition of the LUKSJA trademark that until now belonged to the company PZ Cussons Plc. The acquisition is subject to approval of the Antimonopoly Committee.

LUKSJA is an award-winning cosmetics brand boasting a 30-year history of successful presence in the Polish bath and shower market. LUKSJA holds the leading position in the branded bar soap, liquid soap, hand wash and bath foam categories. LUKSJA products are highly recognized in the market for their high quality, unique fragrances and the constant new product development pipeline that addresses consumer needs and trends.

LUKSJA’s FY 2018 sales amounted to 16 mil. euros. The acquisition cost amounts to 9.222 million GBP and will be funded through own cash. As part of the deal, Sarantis Group will act as a distributor for other brands of PZ Cussons currently sold in CEE, including Morning Fresh, Carex, Original Source, etc. The estimated sales from the distribution business amounts to 6 mil. euros. It is noted that no cost was assumed by Sarantis Group for the distribution business.

This acquisition, completely aligned with the Group’s strategic growth plan, is a great fit within the Group’s portfolio and reinforces its position as a leading consumer products company, supporting further the Group’s geographical footprint in its territory. Moreover, LUKSJA offers numerous expansion opportunities by leveraging its strong brand equity to diversify into adjacent subcategories of the personal care market.

Sarantis Group announces the acquisition of Luksja in Poland. (281.0KB)

Sarantis Group continues it’ s CSR tradition in Poland celebrating the 10th anniversary of the “Clean Tatra Mountains” project

”Clean Tatra Mountains” is the biggest cleaning project in Poland and successfully had its 10th  edition in 2021. Sarantis Group in Poland participated actively this year through its brands’ sponsorship Jan, other sponsor who participated were: Biedronka, Garnier JN, Rekopol, Olivia Business Centre, Re.
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