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Sarantis Group continues it’ s CSR tradition in Poland celebrating the 10th anniversary of the “Clean Tatra Mountains” project

30 JULY 2021

”Clean Tatra Mountains” is the biggest cleaning project in Poland and successfully had its 10th  edition in 2021. Sarantis Group in Poland participated actively this year through its brands’ sponsorship Jan, other sponsor who participated were: Biedronka, Garnier JN, Rekopol, Olivia Business Centre, Re.kologia, ENEA.  Aiming to clean the Tatra mountains area many side events took place this year too in order to amuse all participants with the Group’s support.

Within July thousands of eco enthusiasts and mountain lovers came to the winter capital of Poland (Zakopane) to clean from garbage Poland’s national environmental treasure, the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains. The action’s aim is to prepare the 275 km of mountain trails for the visitors from all around the world and educate the youth good ecological practices like segregation and zero-waste philosophy, while enjoying a wonderful eco-friendly weekend.

During the activities days at the base camp created in the town center, numerous education panels, sports competitions, educational workshops regarding segregation activities for the youth were organized, with the product support of our home care brand Jan Niezbędny.

Moreover, visits were held to an educational garbage truck to see the whole garbage’s circle of life from throwing it in the trash to its second life. Specifically, visitors could also see how recycling bottle goes and how it gains a new life, while it was discussed how it can be obtained from recycled plastic. Last but not least, there was a lecture on the protection of Baltic ecosystems, threats, opportunities and changes that await us in the near future, open to all audience.

It is a great honor for Sarantis Group to be part of such initiatives, offering back to the society to the fullest in line with our values and our Corporate Social Responsibility, helping the community to take care of its environmental treasures.




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Sarantis Group continues it’ s CSR tradition in Poland celebrating the 10th anniversary of the “Clean Tatra Mountains” project (285.5KB)

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